Show Days

Because our co-op was cancelled this last week, we had more free time than usual. 

And we also had the first significant snowfall this winter. 

So that meant hours spent out of doors playing in the snow. 

The girls have been outside on four separate occasions in three days, sledding, hiking, building igloos and snow people, literally while the sleet was falling one day and until the sun dropped below the horizon and I had to turn on porch lights to give them light to sled by on another day. 

I find that people can stay out for hours in cold weather as long as they are bundled correctly, keeping their hands, feet, and heads covered and warm and dry. 

You know what they say. 

"There is no such thing as bad weather only improper clothing." 

Or something like that is often said. 

The girls come in exhilarated with stories to tell about the beauty and wonder of God's world in winter. 

If you look closely in the photo, you can see them helping each other trudged up the hill, out of our woods, and into the yard. 


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