Day Planner

I purchased a day planner for the first time in many years. 

Why would a homeschool mom need a day planner, you ask.

I asked the same thing for years until I realized I had started keeping not only an electronic calendar, but a few separate paper calendars, and several different lists for shopping and reminders and tasks, etc. 

I realized things could use some simplifying. 

Though this day planner takes time to fill in each week, the paybacks are immediate. 

Those obvious, little things I just couldn't seem to remember (like taking my vitamins, of all things) are listed here and with everything else that's "more important" and having everything in one place really helps me remember everything

By actually physically writing my schedule each week, I tend to remember what's happening better than before. I create a mental map for the week as I take the time to physically write things down. 

I still keep major appointments on an electronic calendar, so my husband can see them from work. 

But by also having this physical book in front of me, out on the kitchen table where I can reference it several times a day, I have reduced my anxiety levels exponentially. 

Note: I am not even sure I recognized that I had a lot of anxiety until I started "off loading" all the little tasks that I was trying to remember to this planner. 

Now that I can count on the reminder, things aren't being forgotten, and I find I have more margin to remember all the things that aren't getting written down here- and there are still a ton of things that aren't being written. 

There are truly hundreds of things a day that need to be remembered, checked on, etc. when you are talking about homeschooling three daughters and running a house. 

A day planner seems like such an obvious necessity now.  

It's making a huge difference already. 

My mental load is lightened and I am getting even more done with this support. 


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