Recipe Box and Kitchen Notes

I have used this blog as a place to "store" my recipes for many years. 

For many years, I have also "stored" recipes on bookmarks on my browser. 

But my preferences have totally changed. 

I really dislike having to refer to my laptop while cooking.

In fact, I don't like having my laptop in my kitchen at all.  

So I purchased myself a recipe box, cards, and dividers, and now I am slowly transferring my recipes to cards. 

They're so handy! 

It's almost like generations of women before me had this figured out or something. 

As I meal plan and whenever I cook something, I'll usually take a few moments to make new cards. 

It may take several months to a year, but eventually, I'll get everything transferred over. 

My oldest leaves for college and she's expressing interest in copying down my recipes, too, so this transition comes at a good time. 

My sister also gifted me a Kitchen Notes book this Christmas. 

There are a few recipes (bread, lasagna, and cinnamon rolls, for example) that I am in the process of "perfecting." 

I'll change variables in these recipes like the amount or brand of tomato sauce in the lasagna, or the type of flour in the bread, or the kneading technique and rise time for the rolls, etc. 

The changes are an effort to get each recipe "just right."  

I need a place to write down how these recipes turn out, because I can't always remember details before the next time I try the same recipe. 

Then I have to start all over. 

This way, I can keep track of my outcomes and which variables I want to change next and make quicker progress towards "perfection" (as far as myself and my family are concerned). 


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