Lego Organizing

We got a bunch of Lego Advent calendars from my brother this year. 

(Thank you, Uncle Donnie.)

The girls enjoyed opening those every day leading up to Christmas Day.

We also bought a Lego Gingerbread house to put together on Christmas Day. 

(It actually took a few days to put it together.)

So now that it is time to clean up from Christmas, the girls have an abundance of new Legos to add to the already abundant Lego collection, 

the Lego collection that is already creeping out its boundaries within the upstairs hall closet...

and into the upstairs hallway floor... 

We keep them in drawers according to colors and speciality and size, etc. 

The girls open the closet doors and sit on the floor and play with Legos at least once a week...

so once a year or more, the Legos that have been taken out of the storage containers start to outnumber those that are inside the storage containers... 

and the old projects pile up and pour out of the closet. 

So for the next few days at least, "10 minutes of organizing the Legos" goes on their chore list. 

And, after about a week of 10 minutes a day, everything is mostly back in order and back within the bounds of the Lego closet. 

This "Lego organizing" needs to happen once or twice a year. 

That way, the girls can actually enjoy their Legos more for the simple fact that they are organized when they are ready to play again. 


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