The pictures below show some of the activities Norah has been doing this week while learning about the weather makers: sun, wind, clouds and rain.

We filled a vase with water and are marking the evaporation with rubber bands, discussing, on a very basic level, the different states of water.

We used a cotton ball and a cup of water to demonstrate how clouds get too heavy with water and make rain or other types of precipitation.

To further explain how clouds form, what they are made of, etc. I found this helpful website and clicked on the label leading to the page about "clouds."

We used more cotton balls to demonstrate the different shapes of clouds. We discussed how clouds will often change shape when parts of them dry or shift with the wind. Norah wanted to make a cloud shaped like a flower and illustrate a picture around it.

One morning, I caught Norah using her Doodle Pro before breakfast, drawing a picture of our house in a rain storm.

We also made a "cloud" out of a few squirts of shaving cream on a cookie sheet and practiced forming numbers along with her teacher on the DVD.


Dwayne Boulden said…
As I came home from work today, I noticed the water sitting by the window. I immediately got upset, assuming this little project was designed to see if the glass of water would freeze next to our incredibly drafty window. I suppose either way, we will be able to teach the states of water...

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